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Pop Up Gizmo Air Conditioner Brace

I have watched (in the rearview mirror) the shroud for My Coleman Mach III A/C unit shaking and jumping as we towed it down the highway.  Knowing that these shrouds (covers) were expensive, I decided I needed to get something to keep it still.  As with most things, the only time I thought about it was when I was towing and watching it in fear in the mirror.

I finally picked up a brace made by Pop Up Gizmos, available in the on line store at Pop Up Times.

Installation is extremely easy (2 screws), and I must say that it is now as solid as a rock.  I have towed it thousands of miles at speeds up to 65 MPH and I have never observed it shake at all.

These photos are thumbnails, click on a picture to see a larger version


ACBrace1.jpg (38431 bytes) The photo to the left shows the side view of the AC unit after installation of the brace.  Note only a small portion of the brace wraps down the side form the top.
The photo to the right is another view of the side of the A/C shroud. ACBrace2.jpg (49050 bytes)
ACBrace3.jpg (10428 bytes) The photo to the left is an overhead view of the installed brace.  To install the brace you remove the 2 front shroud screws, place spacers over the screw holes, lay the brace over the top and then replace the screws.


Air Conditioner Fin Screen

In addition to the brace, we decided to add a screen to cover the A/C coils.  While it is unlikely that a pop-up would back into trees and damage the coils, I have heard stories of the coils being ruined by small children.  For $27 dollars it is cheap insurance.  This is available in the on line store at Pop Up Times.

ACCover.jpg (26326 bytes)

Installation instructions were well written and total installation time was less than five minutes.  4 "C" clips and 4 screws hold this in place nicely. This is manufactured by Marsh Products, the same people who manufacture the water heater wind guard I installed.


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   Revised: May 08, 2007


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