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Transportable wastewater containers

In a memo to all Florida County Health Departments, the Florida Department of Health established a policy for the use of transportable wastewater containers and cassette type toilets.  This decision making process took the needs of the pop-up camping community into consideration to make sure we could continue to enjoy the wonderful camping Florida has available to us.

This policy will remain in effect while the DOH goes through a full rule making process.


The highlights are:

a. Only water from bathing, hand washing and kitchen sinks may be transported in transportable wastewater containers.

b. Cassette toilets are approved for the transport of toilet waste.  The description and definition of a "cassette toilet" is sufficiently broad to cover porta pottis. (IMHO)

c. Campgrounds must agree to their use, have a plan for cleaning up spills and notify all guests via sings.

d. Transportable wastewater containers can NOT be used to empty an RV blackwater (toilet waste) tank and transport it to a dump station.


The effective date of this policy is December 3, 2001

I am sure there will be a time lag as campgrounds go through learning process for this change.  If you are planning on camping in Florida, you may want to carry a copy of the policy with you.


I think the DOH and it's staff are to be commended as they addressed this issue quickly once it was identified and  worked on this project even during a time that has been stressful for health departments nationwide.  Additionally, the staff of PUT was was a contributor to the Florida DOH and represented the pop up commuity.

Just as we were quick to e-mail our displeasure with the situation when it was discovered, we should try to commend those who worked on this project to it's successful completion.

The employees at the DOH who I am aware of who worked on the project are:

Gerald Briggs and Eric Grimm


Honorable Jeb Bush
Office of the Governor
The Capitol
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

fax: 850-487-0801

E-Mail Governor Jeb Bush

Department of Health
Environmental Health
Onsite Sewage
4042 Bald Cypress Way
Bin A-08
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1709

General e-mail for the department of health

You can view the policy here:

Florida Department of Health memo regarding policy change (Adobe PDF format)


   Revised: May 08, 2007

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